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When and where do we meet?

My office is located at 117A W Main St.; Manchester, TN 37355. The office is located beside Mid-TN Vape Shop (the door is under the awning attached to the vape shop). We face the front door of the courthouse.

My current office hours vary day to day. I'm in the office usually 2-3 days per week. Office hours and days change based on client needs and therapist availability. 

How long does each therapy session take?

The first session, or the intake, will last approximately 60 minutes. Each session there after will last approximately 50 minutes, no matter if it's an individual, couple, or family session. Additionally, EMDR sessions will be 60 minutes.

How much do sessions cost?

Initial Intake Session, 60 minutes: $100

Individual Counseling Session, 50 minutes: $75

Family Therapy Session, 50 minutes: $90

Couple Counseling Session, 50 minutes: $85

EMDR Session, 60 minutes: $100

Reduced rate slots are offered on a case by case basis and are limited in availability. 

If couples would like to complete the Prepare/Enrich program, a one time $35 fee is charged on the program website. Additional materials are also available one the site as well. In order to complete the program, the assessment must be completed and workbooks ($5.99+tx each) will need to be purchased for us to work through in sessions.

How do I pay?

Clients pay for each session at the time of service. Cash and checks are preferred but credit cards are accepted.

I do ask for you to keep a card on file in order to take care of fees in the unfortunate case of failure to comply with the 24 hours cancellation policy and/or make it easier to pay with a card at appointments. I use the HIPAA compliant app, IVYPay, to save credit, debit, and HSA card info. This process will be handled at the intake appointment. If the cancellation policy is not followed for the intake, the intake will not be rescheduled without prepay.

*A $35 fee is added for ALL returned checks and chargebacks.

Do you accept insurance?

Currently, I do not accept insurance of any kind. I prefer to work with you based on your needs rather than what your insurance company deems appropriate.  I can supply a super bill for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement, however. I do not contact insurance companies and it is your responsibility to keep up with all documents I supply to you during sessions to submit yourself for reimbursement.

 At this time I am "out of network" with insurance companies. (Note: Insurance companies require providers to supply a diagnosis code from the DSM-V in order to offer reimbursement as well as a code for the type of appointment.) If you wish to use your insurance, it is encouraged that you call your insurance to understand exactly what your Mental Health out-of-network benefits are. When getting this information, the following specific questions would be beneficial to ask:

  • Is precertification required before I attend psychotherapy?

  • If precertification is required, what are the steps?

  • Number of psychotherapy sessions allowed per year.

  • Deduction that must be met before benefits kick in. *Ask for in-network and out-of-network deduction requirements as they may differ.

  • How much money will I be reimbursed for an individual psychotherapy session with an out-of-network provider?

  • Some insurance companies do not cover family therapy sessions. If you are seeking family or couple counseling, be sure to get that information.

  • If they say that they cover a percentage of the "Usual and Customary rate", ask them to tell you what the usual and customary fee is (dollar figure).

** Be aware when contacting your insurance company they may inform you that I am "in network". This is due to me providing services with a non-profit agency in Tennessee who bills insurance. While the insurance carrier may inform you that services are covered in-network, it is important to let them know that services will be rendered at my private practice location which is out-of-network. 

What about EAP's (Employee Assistance Programs)?

I am beginning to accept EAP's but am not contracted with every EAP company. I have to be contracted with your particular company in order to receive payments from them for services. You may reach out to me to see if I am a provider for your EAP. If I am not listed with your EAP company, and you would like to use EAP benefits, have your EAP provider call me to discuss contracting with them. I reserve the right to refuse the contract with any EAP company and you would be responsible for all fees.

Do I have to complete paperwork?

All of my documents are completed electronically before your first appointment. I use the record keeping system, Simple Practice, for all record keeping needs. Once we schedule our first session, you will get an email from me to create your client portal. All the forms I need completed in the beginnings are sent to you in the portal. The initial paperwork will take 30 minutes or less to complete.

What happens at the intake?

Once you have completed the documents in the portal, I will review them before you arrive. I ask that you complete them at least 24 hour before our first session. When you enter my office, we will discuss the "business" part of matters such as the fee agreements and limits to confidentiality. After that, we will begin to  discuss what led to your coming to see me for as well as what you want to achieve during our time together. While the initial appointment gets us started, it is by no means the only time we discuss your wants and needs from me or from YOURSELF!

How many sessions do I need?

It is important to remember that there is no scientific or set formula for therapy. Each person, family, and couple are unique. I do ask that when beginning counseling with me, you commit to 6-10 sessions after the initial intake appointment. The first few sessions are information gathering and I like to have a good grasp on your needs as well as your wants for coming to therapy. Some persons are able to have their needs met in 6 sessions while others feel counseling needs to continue for months or even years. This can depend on multiple factors, which we will discuss throughout the process, specifically during the first few sessions. No matter the number, I want to make sure you have all your needs met in whatever amount of time fits YOU!

What populations or backgrounds of clients do you serve?

I provide individual counseling to persons aged 16 and up as well as couples counseling and family counseling sessions. I can see clients ages 12-15 individually on a case by case basis, but will strongly suggest family therapy for anyone wanting counseling for their children under age 15. 

I welcome all clients regardless of religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, gender idenity, or socioeconomic background or position. I do not discriminate and I do not judge no matter your life's choices or circumstances.

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